Operational vs Strategic Meetings

Operational vs Strategic Meetings

Operations Meetings are internally focused – they work in the business, whereas Advisory Board Meetings are more strategic and work on the business.

Typical topics for an Operations Meeting will include current client work, employee management, operational management, employee training, workplace health and safety, sales, debtors, weekly cash flow, and budget. 

Advisory Board Meetings should focus on strategic client opportunities, company structure and resourcing, operational and reputational risks, succession planning, and budgeting, forecasts, and cash flow management as well as providing advice on strategic business decisions.

The Advisors aren’t there to make business decisions for the Business Managers. They are there to support Owners and Managers with information ad advice so that the Owners and Managers can make informed business decisions so that the decisions they make are smarter and better informed than they might have otherwise been.

The first step in understanding your business’s needs is to complete a free Growth Score Report from the Advisory Board Centre.  Please contact us to commence this process.

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