The HR Challenges Ahead – Building the Bridge to (Post COVID-19) Tomorrow

There are many HR challenges that will be faced by every business as they work their way out of lockdown, including:

  • confidence and energy levels of owners and managers are down
  • fatigue and anxiety levels are high for owners, managers and retained employees
  • businesses need to re-build their business structure around their future plans
  • businesses need to recruit the right people to fill their new business structure
  • new employees may need to be initially recruited to fill casual or part-time roles, as new employees need to be funded by new business activity – which may vary
  • recruitment processes will need to be rigorous as applicant numbers will be high
  • employee turnover is likely to increase by late 2021 as unemployment numbers reduce
  • employees will be seeking greater flexibility, particularly work from home options
  • the culture of the business may need to be re-built, and this must start with the management team
  • baby boomers may be forced to return to employment, as their retirement income is likely to be significantly reduced due to market downturns.

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