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Who has your back?

Who has your back

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the top. You’re the business owner or leader of a successful company. You’ve shown enormous courage, achieving the things you’d set out to achieve. You’ve got a good team, board and customers. You’re making decent profits and your systems and processes are working well. However, something doesn’t feel right. You’ve …

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How to break through the $30 million barrier

The $30M Pain Point in Business

You’re the owner or leader of a $30 million business. You’re successful. You’ve achieved incredible things, have a loyal team, loyal customers, and you’ve got a great strategy and product. Yet, you know you could achieve more. You could employ more staff, generate more money and make your business even more valuable. But how will …

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Can you break the $10 million barrier?

Congratulations! Reaching a $10 million turnover takes hard work and dedication. You may have only recently reached it, or perhaps you’ve hovered around this turnover for years. Did you know that once you break through the $10 million barrier, your next significant pain point is $30 million? First of all, do you want to achieve …

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